Trincea Finned Tube Heating Element

Trincea Finned Tube Heating Element


Manufacturing time - 1 to 3 weeks from order.


Prices are Plus VAT


Type 02 Finned Tube Heating Element. (22mm SLS – 430 w/m)

(Single 22mm copper tube with aluminium finns 76mm x 76mm)



Type 04 Finned Tube Heating Element. (22mm XCU – 790 w/m)

(Single 22mm copper tube with aluminium finns 108mm x 108mm)



Type 05 Finned Tube Heating Element. (15mm SLE – 250 w/m)

(Two 15mm copper tubes with aluminium finns 40mm x 95mm)

  • Required Extras

    To use this product you must also order the corresponding Trench. This can be found on our Trench Heaters page. This product is not reccomended for use without the corresponding Trench.

  • Image Disclaimer

    Please note: The images used on our products do not reflect the specification of radiator that you may purchase. They are example images of the same line of radiators, however do not have the exact specifics (height, width, colour, valves, number of columns or sections or anything else) as the radiator you may order.

  • Length

    Please order the required quantity as your length in meters

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